Zeolite Uses – Heavy Metal Poisoning

heavy metal poisoning

Perhaps you have known somebody who’s consumed lots of vitamins or who eats very well, but they rarely seems to have a sparkle or vitality to thrive, they might be struggling with heavy metal poisoning.

For some they will be of the blood group that requires red meat and are vegetarian by choice, others actually do labor too hard as well as exercise too little, although many of us are suffering from heavy metal poisoning they are not even conscious of!

Heavy Metal Poisoning Is Not Your Fault!

There are toxins in the air, in the water, and your food. Most of these heavy metals are silent killers, fragrance-free, without colour, tasteless, yet they could deeply influence your vitality and wellbeing. Morover, heavy metal poisoning is linked to a variety of serious diseases.

We are, of course discussing heavy metal poisoning. Not Black Sabbath, Metalica or another Heavy Metal Band. Ozzie Osborn’s troubles came from recreational drugs (not their music!) Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, even Uranium that we’re exposed to and we are unaware of it!

These disgusting materials even in small quantities could cause endless weariness, mental fade plus seem like aging! Wouldn’t the world be amazing if we could turn around or else slow down the growing old simply by eradicating a number of toxins. Well, we can!

Where Do Heavy Metals Come From?

Are you aware of the fact Mercury comes as a result of fossil fuel electricity generation, seafood, and naturally old amalgam fillings. Lead comes as a result of old house paint, chinese toys!, decorated laides bags car fumes (including unleaded) and many other sources. There’s an abundance of lead floating around in the air we breathe from the old days of leaded petrol.

Experts inform you that there is zero acceptable minimum for Lead and Mercury. In fact, a small quantity affects your health. I know once I found out about this, I decided to get rid of heavy metals as fast as I could.

What are the Research concerning Heavy Metal Poisoning

I did some research so you don’t have to! It started looking at Colon Cleanses, Cilantro, clay baths, foot patches. All of these soak up heavy metals mostly in the bowel plus get them out via bowel motions. Patches take it out of the skin. What about chelation? Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, DMSA as well as some more heavy metal poisoning treatments. Medical doctors advise you to add extra vitamins and perhaps nutrient injections while on these treatments. Why? The reason is they take out very important nutrition as well as the metals. They attach heavy metal particles to the outside of the chelator anyway, which means they harm kidneys and liver on the way out. That is why they recommend using them only for a short while.

Activated Liquid Zeolite

That is where Zeolites come in. Zeolites remove heavy metals safely! One type of Zeolite, clinoptilolite, traps heavy metal molecules in a cage and eliminates them safely, causing no damage to your body and without removing vital nutrients. This is because the cage is so small, it only takes out the bad stuff. There are many different Zeolite products. of these, one is totally activated, which means toxins have been removed, then suspended in pure water. The product is up to 20 times as effective as other zeolite products in reducing heavy metal poisoning, plus this product is safer.

Now you find many Liquid Zeolite products and it is important to understand the different methodologies used in manufacture. Look for a product that is proven with science to be activated as well as micronized (below 2.5 microns) so that it enters the blood stream then performs the greatest amount of excretion.

John Gaydon has been researching Natural Health for over 25 years. A while ago he discovered a revolutionary new detox product which reduces heavy metal poisoning safely. John can be contacted at john@detoxzeolite or visit his web site at http://zeolitereview.org


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