Do you sometimes wonder why your crave sugar so much?

You can answer the question “why do I crave sugar?” with the obvious answer that to look at it, smell it and taste it is pleasurable.

So many sugary confections taste delicious and look even more scrumptious.

So many people identify their favorite colors, textures, flavors, and temperatures based off of sugary sweets. Sugar gives you a mood boost that makes eating it more pleasurable. Your brain finds sugar useful so it makes eating sugar pleasurable. The brain finds sugar to be useful as a quick energy boost so it gives us all these signals of pleasure in exchange for providing sugar to the body. It’s no wonder that sugar is one of the top foods people crave.¬† Your brain evolved to crave sugar, not to reject it.

Young and Old, everyone seems to love sugar.

Sweet treats took place in most of the celebrations in associates with the time of year. Everyday all I see is more and more tantalizing advertising for sugary junk food; it’s just too much. It’s hard to escape thoughts of sugary foods as we are bombarded with ads illustrating their appeal everywhere we go. You don’t just find these sugary temptations at the local convenience store; they are waiting for you in the checkout line and in the bakery aisles of many different types of stores including video rental, grocery, department and hardware stores, just to scratch the surface of the possibilities.

Of course, sugar cravings don’t have to sabotage a good diet plan. Many good diet product are available online to help you plan a successful diet, such as the popular and successful FatLoss4Idiots plan. See the Diet Handbook for diet plan reviews.

Deficiency or Lack of B Vitamin Complex

Vitamin B depletion can be caused by eating too much sugar.
If you are deficient in Vitamin B, you tend to lack energy which brings on cravings for anything containing lots of sugar that will boost your energy level quickly. A circular pattern¬† in your behavior can be created by the two factors towards foods which are rich in sugar. Because naturally nutritious foods that haven’t been processed provide your body with longer lasting energy, you won’t need to get a quick boost from sugary foods. A healthful diet augmented with proven nutritional supplements may help you to address your problem and the question “why do I want sugar so badly?”.

Here are some Medical Conditions to consider.

Certain medical conditions or diseases can be indicated by a craving for sweet or sugary food. Visit your doctor if you notice that you’ve developed a craving for sugar. A doctor can help rule out any condition that might be causing your sugar craving. This is essential if you experience sudden onset of cravings. The inability to tolerate carbs or insulin resistance, along with lacking proper nutrients and different health issues can produce sugar cravings as well.

Dealing With Stress

Some people are very comforted by sweet foods. You need to be aware of the vicious cycle of emotional eating, feeling depressed drives you to the ice cream and having eaten all the ice cream makes you feel more depressed. It can turn into a vicious circle of avoiding the stress issues, overeating and gaining weight. This cycle is more problematic by the fact that consuming sugary items can make us crave more for it.

Feeling bored and having access to sweet treats can lead you to have sugar cravings.

You may eat a sugar-laden soda or a piece of cake simply because the treat is there and it tastes good. Ask yourself the question “why do I crave sugar” when you are reaching for that candy bar or other sweet calorie laden treat.

Knowing why you have a craving for sugar is the first step in being able to address the craving effectively.


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  1. Sugar affects opioids and dopamine in the brain, and thus might be expected to have addictive potential. Sugar and the taste of sweet stimulate the brain by activating beta endorphin receptor sites, these are the same sites activated by heroin and morphine. These behaviors are then related to neurochemical changes in the brain that also occur with addictive drugs

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